In the News shared our story

Lisnen's founder, Eyra, highlighted the challenges that we face being hard of hearing that many hearing individuals take for granted.

Lisnen was Featured on TVOntario!

Eyra spoke to Steve Paikin on The Agenda about hearing loss and a promising future for those living with a disability with artificial intelligence (AI).

On How She Hustles

Eyra was selected to be featured on Startup and Slay special edition on entrepreneurs living with a disability.

Empowering AI Passionate People

Eyra spoke at the AI Geek Meetup in Toronto last September(2019) and an enthusiastic crowd on how artificial intelligence (AI) can positively impact 1 billion people living with a disability.

Increasing the Profile of Women in Tech

At the Canada International African Diaspora Summit, Eyra joined a panel of women who are in technology field to discuss ways to bring more women in STEM.

Lisnen's Founder is Canada's Top 100 Black Women to Watch 2019!!

One hundred women across Canada received the Top 100 Black Women award in July to recognize and support the advancement of professional women.

Women in Data Science Conference

Stanford University's well-known annual event came to Toronto, and Lisnen's founder was a featured speaker!

Founders on Purpose features Lisnen

Eyra spoke to Andrew Moss, a coach to professional athletes and the creator of Founders on Purpose. Learn more about Lisnen's purpose and why the company got started. A transcript of this podcast is available here in PDF.

Lisnen's Founder speaks at the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference

Lisnen's founder, Eyra Abraham, enlighten future software engineers on how many of our mainstream technologies originated with accessibility in mind.

Elevate - Canada's Largest Tech and Innovations Festival

Elevate interviewed Lisnen's founder, who is an applicant for the ElevateR pitch featuring companies that are using AI in their product development.

July 2018 Amber Grant Recipient

WomensNet rewards women-owned businesses who are fulfilling their passion. Inspired by a young woman, Amber Grant, who passed away at the age of 19, unable to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream.